Creations of Earth

The Story

About Us 

Creations of Earth has been providing America with beautiful, healthy Florida houseplants since 1975.  

We are primarily wholesalers, handling orders of all sizes for small and mid-sized retailers, either stand-alones or chains. We also service other wholesalers and other business entities as well. 

What They Do

Product Line

We offer more than 2,000 varieties of plants and blooming plants, in all manner of shapes and sizes. From 3” pots to specimen trees to the most stunning Orchids you will ever see, Creations of Earth can be counted on to provide the best – every time. We carry both indoor and outdoor plants, and are very competitively priced.

There are two constants with our entire line of products: they are beautiful, and they are of the highest quality. We have a lot of experience in selecting and shipping exquisite plants, and it shows with each and every order. You may order with complete confidence.

Florida… and beyond

While it’s true that we work mostly with Florida flora and foliage (say that three time fast), we also have a clear specialization in Hawaiian Orchids. In fact, we represent some of the best Orchid growers on Earth. We carry the basic Dens and Phals that most people expect, but we also offer some more exotic specimens as well.

We’re delighted that you’ve stopped by, and are always happy to assist you any way we can.