Steve Crandall

Steve currently owns and manages 15 businesses across the country. Some of the businesses include an accounting firm, yogurt shop, equipment leasing, real estate development, real estate leasing, manufacturing, advertising, print shop, restaurants, and a residential building company. He has been a certified public accountant for the past 18 years. Steve graduated in 1993 from Brigham Young University with a Masters Degree in accounting with a specialty in taxation. He went to work in Irvine, California for Deloitte and Touche, a “big six” accounting firm. There he helped prepare corporation tax returns for several large companies. Since 1995, Steve has owned and operated his own accounting firm in Idaho Falls, working with over 500 clients in tax and financial planning. He enjoys helping people reach their financial goals and making the most of their business. Steve has also prepared and lectured at seminars involving financial, tax, and estate planning. Steve currently resides in St. George, UT with his wife Jenni and their six children. He enjoys the outdoors, traveling and spending time with his family.