Eventide Management Partners acquire Everyday Deals

Eventide Management Partners announced today that it has acquired Everyday Deals, LLC. Everyday Deals is located in the greater Portland, Oregon area with three retail locations and two warehouses, one of which also serves as a wholesale distribution center. Everyday Deals is a leader in the local discount grocery business offering everyday low pricing on groceries, produce, candy, party supplies, household items and a variety brand and off brand merchandise.

“This acquisition is a nice fit for our company”, states Benson Smith, Managing Partner for Eventide. “We like the existing business model and are impressed with the consistent growth over the past several years. We see a great deal of potential for further growth through operational efficiencies and future expansion”.

The new company will operate under Extreme Grocery Discounters, LLC. Andy Toolson has been named President and CEO of the new company.

About Everyday Deals
Everyday Deals opened its first store in the Portland, Oregon area in 2004. The store, which still operates today, sold a variety of tools and small equipment. Eventually the store transitioned to offering groceries and other sundry items, which laid the foundation for the current business model. Since those early days the business has expanded, adding one more retail outlet in Portland and another in Vancouver, WA. Further expansion occurred with the opening of a third location, used primarily as a warehouse and wholesale distribution center.

About Eventide Management Partners
Eventide Management Partners is a private equity firm focused on investing in opportunities where controlling interest can be facilitated through a leveraged buyout or a pure equity transaction. At Eventide, we pair skilled and experienced executives with either the acquired business or with existing management to facilitate top performance. Eventide strives for top performance by investing in Value-added Distribution, Manufacturing, Business Services, Niche Environmental Services, Federal and State Regulated Services, Marketing and Advertising and Retail and Wholesale Services.

For more information, visit www.eventidepartners.com.

Contact Information for Everyday Deals:
Phone: 503-477-8031
Email: info@eventidepartners.com